Crazy Hair…..Don’t Care!

My whole life I have had the craziest curly hair you could ever imagine.  Like seriously when people ask me what it looks like I say, “Diana Ross, afro status.”.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves that look from time to time, but for day to day life it is a bit much. Over the years I have tried SO many products to help tame my mane.  Anti-frizz this or instantly straight that, and let’s be honest NONE of them worked.

After years of playing around I have FINALLY found a simple routine that works, keeps my hair healthy, and maintains the shine.  Now, I will not lie, most days I’m a messy bun or braid kinda gal so I don’t overdo it every single day.  However, when I actually do my hair these are my go to products.   Each one helps get the desired look.

For starters, I invested in an amazing blow-dryer.  I always thought it was insane to spend a lot of money on something like this.  Typically I used a target $30 one and called it good.  Then, maternity leave mixed with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happened this past summer and my life has never been the same.  I took the plunge and purchased the T3 blow dryer that my favorite blogger, Emily Gemma, recommended.  The price tag was a bit overwhelming, but I went for it.  Let me tell you that I literally cut my dry time in half which in turn cut the amount of time I spent straightening my hair.  The difference has been phenomenal.  I spend a total of 14 minutes now blow drying and straightening COMBINED.   If you have long or thick hair you know thats crazy impressive.

I simply wash my hair, towel dry for a quick second, add my favorite products, then start blow drying this crazy hair of mine.  Good products are an essential piece to this process.  After I towel-dry my hair I have my go to favorites that I use.  Crack Hair Fix Styling cream is an non-negotiable.  I use a dime-sized amount and run it through my hair, focusing on the ends especially.  Next, I use Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum.  Again add a dime-sized amount and run it through your hair.  I have extremely dry/coarse hair, so this helps keep the shine.  If you have normal textured hair, you may not need this product.  Now its onto the drying process….

First, I dry my hair to about 80% dry then I focus on the straightening. To assist in the process I use a large roller brush that my stylist recommended.  I LOVE the 450 technique round brush. Going section by section I am able to accomplish a nearly perfectly straight haired look.  Spritz a little heat protectant on, run a straightener once through, and I am ready to go.  My absolute favorite heat protectant is from Big Sexy Hair, it’s called 450 Blowout. They recently changed it a little and it is now, Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me.  This adds a little extra shine to my hair, which I love.  It smells amazing so thats a plus too.  However, I also love Caviar RepairX Multivitamin Heat Protectant.  This product protects from heat and adds vitamins to aid in your hairs overall health.  Both work amazingly well and leave my hair feeling smooth and shiny.

hair essentials

  1. T3 Blow Dryer
  2. 450 Technique Round Brush
  3. Big Sexy Hair 450 Blowout
  4. Alterna Caviar Multi-Vitamin Heat Protectant
  5. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum 
  6. Crack Hair Fix

2 thoughts on “Crazy Hair…..Don’t Care!

  1. Thank you for this! I never knew you had curly coarse hair cause it always looks super amazingly straight! I have CRAZY curly coarse hair that takes me FOREVER to dry and straighten! I will be investing in these products you have recommended! Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

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