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*NYE 2018*

What used to be my favorite bottle poppin’ event of the year, looks quite different these days. Apparently people book their NYE babysitters months in advance, rookie mistake on my end but lesson officially learned.  So this year we will ring in the new year as a family at home, fingers crossed we can make it to midnight.  One thing I will never trade in, will be the champagne and glitter because everything is better with glitter.

Since our kids are so young, we will not keep them up until midnight, so we are having a NOON Year’s Eve Celebration. We are having party foods and crafts from noon to bedtime at 7 with the kiddos.  What’s even better is Netflix has a kiddie New Year’s Celebration you can stream to celebrate a little early with your little ones.

To celebrate, we made some kid-approved crafts today to help with the “party” atmosphere.  My two-year old actually thinks we’re having a party and there will be cupcakes, so I may need to get on that later today but for now we will stick with our sparkly crafts of the day. With a windchill of -8 outside, I had no intentions of going out so luckily we were able to make crafts with supplies we had around the house. Neither one of these crafts are reinventing the wheel, but I think people often forget how much fun little ones can have completing the simplest activities.  This kept us occupied for well over an hour and made her smile from ear to ear.  We started craft hour with our metallic firework sign.


Firework Activity Materials:

Paper towel or toilet paper roll


Paper plates

Construction Paper


My favorite thing about these “fireworks” is that you use an empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, easy enough right? We NEVER throw them away because you can make hundreds of crafts from them.  To make the fireworks, you start by cutting little slits at the bottom of the roll.  We cut them close together, about every 2-3 cm, and cut them about an inch and a half up.  After we have made the complete circles with out slits, then lift them up.  ((See the picture below.))

Next, grab an empty paper plate and pour some paint into it.  I typically pour about a half-dollar sized amount.  Grab that paper towel roll and dip it in there, making sure to cover the ends.  Once covered, start dabbing on the paper.

Voila! Fireworks!

((I added glitter to ours today, because we have LOVE glitter.  Then wrote on the paper with a gold metallic marker!))

For our next craft, we made a noise maker.  When I was little I remember at midnight we would go outside and make noise with various noise makers, cowbells, pots & pans, etc.  My sweet little lady isn’t a big fan of loud noises so we made our own using what we had available in the house.  So today it involved paper plates, metallic marker, beans, noodles, and twine.

DIY Noise Maker

Paper Plates



Hole Puncher

Twine/String/Yarn *whatever you have available OR you can even use a stapler*

Decorative Marker

Write whatever saying you’d like on the plate and decorate as desired.

IF you are going to use string, punch holes in plates at same to make sure the holes align.

String the string/yarn/twine through the bottom half so it is tight and secure -OR- staple the bottom half.

Fill with desired items; beans, noodles, rice, etc.  We used 1/4 cup of each.

Secure the remaining half by either stapling or securing with the twin.  Tie a knot at top if needed.

Enjoy the subtle noise maker and the smile on your little ones face!


***HaPpY NeW YeAr’S EvE!!!!****




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