Glowing Skin

The past four years have been crazy for my skin; pregnant, nursing, normal, pregnant then back to nursing. All of the hormonal changes were wreaking havoc on my skin, until I fell in love with…

Kate. Kate Somerville. If you’re anything like me, you have/had no idea who or what this name means. Well, let me tell you that it is the best skincare line I have ever used.

When I wandered into Sephora I bumped into the manager and told her all my skin woes. It was important to me that I found products that were safe for my skin while pregnant and nursing, but also reliable enough to actually make a difference. Bonus points if the item was organic or incorporated natural ingredients.

Her eyes lit up and she introduced me to the Kate Somerville line. While I stared blankly at her, she started raving about the products and literally washing my skin while I was standing there. The cleanser smelt amazing and wasn’t harsh on my skin. She followed up with the moisturizer and my skin instantly had a fresh glow to it. My mom and I were shocked at how rejuvenated my skin looked after a half-wash in the store. So, I purchased the products and brought them home. I was warmed about the cult-like following people have with her products. Truthfully, I thought the lady was joking but she’s very serious. Since my first purchase, I have slowly switched ALL of my facial products over to her line.

Now, the price tag can be a bit overwhelming BUT totally worth it. When using her products you literally only need a pea-sized amount; a little product goes a long way. Although a bit pricey, it lasts a long time. For my facial cleanser I’ve had the same bottle for roughly six months and am getting ready to replace it. Just wash your face twice a day and apply moisturizer afterwards like you normally would. My skin has a natural glow to it and for an everyday look I use a tinted moisturizer and save a full coverage look for special events only.

If you haven’t yet, go check out these products. They’re absolutely amazing. Her products also come in a sensitive skin option too, the Gentle Daily Face-wash and Lotion. Quality ingredients like pumpkin, papaya and AHA are infused in the cleansers and moisturizer. Her combination of natural ingredients with AHA’s give your skin a healthy glow and a light citrusy smelling scent. You can purchase them at Sephora and Nordstrom, but I prefer using her site directly. often has promotions running so you get better deals and free products when purchasing directly from her. If you’re interested in both products, I recommend purchasing the All Glow, No Glitter Kit.  It comes with the cleanser, lotion, AND her ExfoliKate exfoliator which is my ABSOLUTE favorite product.  If you subscribe to her site, you can save 15% off your purchase as well!

ExfoliKate Cleanser


ExfoliKate Moistruizer  



All Glow, No Glitter Kit

all glow

4 thoughts on “Glowing Skin

  1. Her ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment came in the winter FabFitFun box! I can’t wait to try it, but I have to get through my Dr. Brandt first which is going to take some time. I’m so happy to hear this line recharged your skin.


    1. It’s wonderful. Check her website for the all glow, no glitter kit! It’s $75 and you get all 3 of my favorite products. The weekly exfolikate is amazing as well. Literally my favorite piece so I am writing a post just on that item.

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