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Who’s ready to hit the beach?!?! With the Arctic-like conditions we are currently seeing, its hard to think that summer will ever arrive.  However, it is closer than we think.  Last week I shared with you the website I use to stream workouts, Beachbody on Demand.  So, today I wanted to talk about a FREE workout website I have been using for years and love the workouts called Tone It Up. is a website ((they also offer an app)) that unites and encourages women to work on their fitness; inside and out.  It all started when Karena and Katrina  met each other at a gym in California.  One went up to the other, and the rest is history.  These two beach babes now own a multi-million dollar fitness business that separates them from many other online and in-home programs I have seen. I discovered this website in 2013, when I was preparing to get in shape for my wedding and have been obsessed ever since!


What started off as two girls making fitness videos has now turned into a full-blown community where they want to see women succeed with their fitness goals. Their brand offers DVDs, online videos to stream, workout classes on the app, printable workouts, nutrition plans, recipes, workout gear, protein powders, AND so much more!  Their networking on social media is outstanding and they often host events throughout the country where women can come together and workout with them and the women they have been corresponding with on the app or website.  Their vision is clear: find fitness of the body, mind, and support one another as women.

Something that sets this website apart from other streaming services is the fact that many of the workouts are actually FREE.  Some will incorporate workouts from the DVDs or paid portion of their app, but if you go to the fitness tab on their website you can find one that’s free to substitute. If you subscribe to their site, they send out weekly workout plans to help you stay on track. Each day the plan offers the toning move to focus on and the cardio that should be completed. If you look at the picture below you see the targeted toning move written under the day of the week. When you are on the website, the moves are shown as quick video clips so you know EXACTLY how to complete the move. The toning moves target specific muscle groups and help them tone your body. If you go to the app, you can join live classes where moves are shown and you actually follow along from your computer. Most of the exercises require minimal equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands, exercise ball, etc.  Sometimes I don’t actually have the exact equipment needed so I will modify the move to use what I have available or search for a smilier workout that focuses on the same muscle groups to tone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 8.32.37 PM

To help with motivation, they offer various challenges throughout the year.  Some of my favorites have been the valentine’s day or spring break challenges.  For one month you commit to the weekly workouts and  they also have you challenge your mind and spirit by journaling or meditating. Currently they are offering a detox plan to help jumpstart your fitness goals for the new year.

Just like any workout program at home, you have to be motivated and commit to the plan.  With the amount of support from Karena + Katrina, their website/app, and social media followers you will think you are working out with personal trainers in a class every day.  There energy is contagious during the workouts and you can tell that they are enjoying themselves which actually makes it easier to follow along.  I personally love the HIIT workout options they provide, many of which just require you to use your own body weight for the moves.

So, if you haven’t yet, GO check out the website or app. You should also checkout their Instagram page because they are always posting on there as well.   I promise you will not be disappointed and may find the motivation you have been looking for!

P.S.: If you love target, their products and equipment are now sold there!!!! How exciting for them and for you because when I started 5 years ago with their workouts, items weren’t as readily available. I own four of the DVDs and love them! The workouts are often a little longer and they are there coaching you along the entire time. Be on the lookout for their newest displays in stores now.

Tone It Up


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