Shine Bright, Highlight!

Ever wonder how/why your favorite celebrity has the BEST glow? One word my friends: highlighter.  Highlighting your skin is a way to reflect light off your face and give you that healthy looking glow.  Highlighters come in so many types that it can be overwhelming though.  Below you will find a breakdown on how to incorporate highlighting into your daily routine and the various products available.

How to use:  Highlighters help reflect light, which essentially draws attention away from any imperfections you have.  Additionally, it brings a brightness to your face that makes it shimmer and shine both in person and in pictures. Think about highlighter as a way to add that glorious summer shimmer we all love during the warmer months. However, it should NOT be used all over your face because no one needs to look like a disco ball.  Too much of a good thing, can actually be a bad thing.  So the key places to use highlighter are places where your skin naturally reflects light when outside.  Placing highlighter under your brow bone, inner corner of your eyes (tear duct area), down the center of your nose, and on your cheek bones are the perfect places to add highlighter.  Choose one or choose them all to create desired shine. I recommend using a brush for the powders and a brush or beauty blender with the liquids as well. Play around with it, take selfies, go outside and see what works for YOU.

Types of highlighters:  For starters, highlighters come in three main forms: powder, stick, and liquid.  Essentially each one does the same thing, so your personal preference is key in choosing what highlighter works best for you.  For example, I personally prefer the powder  and stick form because I feel like it is the easiest to start small and build up as needed especially for a daytime look.  However, if I want a more dramatic full-face look I turn to my liquid highlighter.  In my personal opinion, stick highlighters work well around the eyes and eyebrows. So in the end, I own them all (don’t judge me because you probably will too, lol).

Choosing the best highlighter: Not only do highlighters come in different types, but they also come in different colors.  Highlighters come in a shimmery pink/pearly shade or copper/bronze.  Warmer skin tones may prefer the bronze shades and lighter skin tones will gravitate towards the pinks.  Personally LOVE the warmer pinks and irridescent shades that are available and I think they can look great on any skin tone.

Okay, now what?: Now that you have an idea on what they are, it is time to try it out!  If you are unsure on where to start, I highly recommend this product from Sephora!  I received this for Christmas and it has been aaaammmmaaaazzzzziiing.  Not only do you get so many to try out, but the price is wonderful for how many products you are actually receiving. Additionally, it includes all three types of highlighter which allows you to play around and figure out which one (or two) you prefer the best.  If you don’t want all that product because you are unsure, go to your closest beauty store and test them out.  The ladies at Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom are so helpful and can answer any of your questions when you’re there.

Sephora’s Beauty Glow Kit $40 (a steal in my opinion)- I opened up the package so you can actually see what you are getting in the box *brushes are not included*.  I think this is a great variety for a bargain price. An individual highlighter price can range anywhere from $12 to well over $40.  In this box you are receiving 7, and one is actually full-size.


Below, I placed all the highlighters on my hand/arm so you could see what they look like on. The powders are on my hand, and essentially look the same in the picture.  However, in person the Tarte has more of a golden hue, Becca has a peachy-golden hue, and the Bobbi Brown you can customize depending on where you stroke the brush.  I am obsessing over the Nudestix stick because it is perfect for tear ducts and below the eyebrow arch.  The Milk stick is a bit thicker, but works phenomenally on the cheeks and if you use a smaller brush it works well around the eyes too.  I typically gravitate towards the pink shades myself, but I am obsessing over the Color FX drops, it has hints of bronze and copper but looks beautiful on the skin. The High Beam has the pink hue that I am used to and has a brush similar to nail polish built-in.  It blends well and provides a dewy highlighter look and feel.


Get your glow on and shine bright this winter! 

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