IPSY, Did It Again

Two years ago I signed up for the IPSY Glam Bag. IPSY is a subscription based company that sends travel-sized (& occasionally full-sized) makeup products to your door once a month. The cost is $10, which is minimal in my opinion for everything you are receiving. (Below you see my January 2018 glam bag).

When you signup you fill out a survey/account profile. The profile starts by asking the basics: hair/eye color, skin tone, skin type, etc. Then you’re asked questions about your makeup preferences: favorite products, brands preferred, comfort level with using makeup, etc. Once every section has been completed, your profile has been made and saved. However, you can edit this information at any time during your subscription which I highly recommend. My skin changes throughout the year and I love being able to change the settings because my products will reflect the changes I have made.

After the profile is saved, you are in line to receive your goodies. Each month you receive FIVE samples that have been customized based off your needs. The bag may include mascara, eyeliner, brushes, perfume, hair care, face masks, etc. There are endless possibilities with what you may receive, which is where your profile comes into play. For example, if you find you’re receiving too many bronzers, go change your preferences. We all know how much I love eye makeup so each month mine is filled with at least two types of makeup for the eyes. I love doing this because most of the time I get a free full-sized eyeliner which is wonderful.  Plus, I love the miniature mascaras that they send because: 1) You are only supposed to keep mascara for 3 months or so. 2) The smaller tubes allow you told hold them better and get really close to your lashes. 3) They fit everywhere! Hence, why I always have mascara somewhere with me.

I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this glam bag because you are exposed to some high-end makeup brands.  If you are not a makeup junkie (which is totally okay) you may not have heard of some of the brands, BUT you will fall in love.  Brands like Tarte, Charlotte Tilbury, Lancome, Bare Minerals, Smashbox, etc. have partnered with IPSY to bring you quality makeup right to your front door.

Now, I am sure you are thinking why is this worth signing up for in the first place? Well my friends I have many reasons why……

  1. You are exposed to a wide variety of brands.  Subscribing to this gives you the opportunity to test it out prior to purchasing the items.  I find this especially useful with the high-end makeup samples I receive.  I may not go purchase a $30 eyeshadow , BUT if I know it wears well and holds up I will be more likely to purchase the full-sized.
  2. It gives you the chance to take risks with your makeup.  You can choose various color palettes in your profile ranging from neutrals to adventurous.  Doing this gives you the chance to play around and maybe go for something different than you may have done if you went to the store to purchase makeup.
  3. The variety is phenomenal.  Receiving samples of hair care, makeup, lotions, and perfumes for the cost of $10 each month seems like a steal to me.
  4. TUTORIALS! After you receive the bag, if you check bag with the website and watch videos on how to use your new products.  This is great if you are unsure how to use the variety OR you are new to the makeup scene.
  5. Online Shopping: You can actually purchase items directly from the website.  So, if you really enjoyed an item you can order the full-size without having to leave your house. However, the website is not limited to only the products you received they have over 20,000 products you can purchase.  Most of the products are offered at discount prices as well.
  6. Reviews: You can go online and review the products you received and read reviews on products you haven’t received but may be interested in. When you review items, you earn points that you can use to purchase items on the website too.
  7. The ADORABLE makeup case you receive every month! Each month your items come in a trendy little makeup case.  The design is always unique and trendy, which is a plus.  Additionally, they fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag! Here’s a picture of just a few of the bags I have received.

SO, if you haven’t yet consider subscribing to IPSY.  Click the here and check it out.  I also attached my referral code, because why not help a friend out if you decide to give it a go. 😉

P.S. I can send FIVE free bags, so if you’d like me to do that comment below with your email address and I will contact you.

7 thoughts on “IPSY, Did It Again

  1. Glad you like the bag this month. I’ve been on the fence about Ipsy lately because I’ve noticed the brand deals have been lacking lately and because the points redemption amount seems to have doubled for tiny samples. You used to be able to redeem 250 points for an eyeliner or 1oz skincare sample, and now the cost is more like 500. They also haven’t really given us any new ways to earn points aside from referrals.
    Giveaways have also reduced in number over the last year. I’m just not feeling it! The bags are cute at least!


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