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Dough Much Fun

“Time spent playing with a child, is time never wasted.”

At our house, we try to have at least one playtime activity a day where we “unplug” and enjoy time with one another.  Parenting these days can be challenging because we have constant distractions in our lives; cell phones, social media, televisions.  Now more than ever it is important to spend quality time with your kiddos, just enjoying their company.

We like to “unplug” because it also shows our kiddos that fun can happen WITHOUT all the modern day conveniences.  As a teacher, I know how screen-time in children can have a negative impact on their creativity and independence.  Don’t get me wrong, we allow our kids to watch t.v. because it’s not all bad.  However, we try to find a balance with screen-time, playtime, and creative activities. As parents it is our responsibility to ensure our children are receiving a well-balanced diet of playtime and life experiences. When we ask our two-year old what her favorite part of the day was everyday, 9 times out of 10 she always talks about an experience she had that day.  Whether it be craft time or playing kitchen at home it is clear to see that these moments stand out to her.

So this weekend, it was cold yet again here.  Plus the looming plague out in the world, aka the flu, has me not wanting to take any chances with bringing the kids outside. To Pinterest I went while the kids were sleeping to come up with “something” for us to do. Keep in mind, we had minimal supplies because actually going to the grocery store terrifies me right now with all the germs out there. I found many ideas, all similar to things we have made.  Thats when I stumbled across this idea of making play-doh with three simple ingredients from

My face was so confused when I saw that this play-doh could be made from: marshmallows, cornstarch, and coconut oil.  ?!?!?!   Hmmmm…. We decided to go for it, because even if it didn’t work, we could always start over because the ingredients were so simple and items we had in bulk at home already.

Now, it was a little strange but it was SO easy and SO much fun! I loved that this play-doh was completely safe if it accidentally landed in the mouths of my kiddos (or dog for that matter) and cost practically nothing to make.  I will say the texture took some kneading to make it feel like actually play-doh but it was a huge hit. My daughter loved how stretchy it was to play with, almost giving it that “slime” feel. We got fancy and added glitter to ours, of course :).

If you’re looking for a simple craft with the kiddos, it only takes a few minutes and provided us with an hour of family fun.  I posted directions below, but also linked you to the website where I found the idea here. Hope you enjoy!


6 marshmallows, 1/4 cup cornstarch, 1 TBSP coconut oil, food coloring


1. Place 6 large marshmallows inside a microwaveable dish.

2. Add 1 TBSP of coconut oil to the dish.

3. Pour 1/4 cup cornstarch in the dish, keeping separate from the marshmallows/coconut oil. *You do this because you need to add the food coloring to either the marshmallows or coconut oil and not directly onto the cornstarch.*

4. Microwave for 35 seconds.  If you want to make a unique food coloring color like teal or pink, you need to premix the food coloring before pouring it into the mixture.

5.  Add food coloring to the marshmallow/coconut oil side of the dish.  *If you want to use glitter, now is the time to add it in as well.*

6.  Stir with a spoon, then start kneading the mixture with your hands.  It is SUPER sticky initially, which makes sense because it is marshmallows after all.  Continue to work it through, it does solidify and become less sticky.  If it doesn’t, we added a little extra cornstarch and coconut oil as needed.

7. Enjoy!

-Original Recipe from: One Little Project.  The only change we made was adding glitter. 🙂



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