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Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

If you know me, you know my love for target and their baby sales. No, they don’t sell actual babies. However, they often have some major steals when it comes to baby gear pricing, sales, and earning gift cards to their store with purchases on items. Well, this week is a BIG one if you’re in need of some baby gear.

For starters, if you spend $200 on nursery furniture you’ll receive a $40 target gift card to spend in the future. If you’ve ever even looked at nursery furniture, you know you’ll be spending at least that much. We purchased the Delta Bentley Crib in white from Target 3 years ago and it hasn’t disappointed us yet. That specific crib alone is $231.99. So, buy the crib get the gift card and put that down on the mattress or dresser even. As long as you checkout in separate transactions you can use the gift card the same day.

In addition to the furniture sale, they also have a coupon where if you spend $100 on baby items you’ll receive a $20 gift card. This includes diapers, wipes, formula, baby accessories, etc. If you have a little one, you know how easy this is to do. Be sure to check cartwheel before you go because certain formula brands, foods and diapers are also on there.

Go check out the sale, because it is worth it. I highly recommend checking out separately so you can take your newly earned gift cards and throw that money down on the next baby purchase. Plus if you have a target red card, you’ll save another 5%. Grab some Starbucks and enjoy your mommy time today :). Happy shopping!!!

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