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Mint To Be Delicious

Who loves chocolate? ((don’t everyone jump at once)).  Who loves mint?? Who LOVES chocolate mint flavored goodies?  Well, if you answered yes to these questions you are in luck today because I have found the BEST mint chocolate chip protein bars.

Recently I began shopping at Aldi a bit more, because who doesn’t like to save money.  So, I have been trying more and more of their brands and foods.  While some things are a total bust, this my friends is an absolute home-run.

Aldi carries their own line of nutritional bars and products through the brand Millville called Elevation. They cover everything from protein powders to meal replacement bars.  After becoming hooked on CLIF Builder’s Protein Bars this past summer, I couldn’t live without them.  However, the price tag is a shock even when you purchase them on various websites like amazon.  12 CLIF bars can cost anywhere from $15-$20 depending on the day.  ((Amazon changes prices often, so its hard to say what it may cost on any given day of the week.)) Well, Aldi’s Mint Chocolate Elevation Bars taste amazing, if not better than CLIF, and are a bit less expensive.  12 bars from Aldi will cost around $11 because a box of 6 is only $5.99. Now it may not seem like a huge difference, you can almost purchase another box from Aldi for the same price as purchasing one from CLIF.  Meaning you can actually purchase 18 bars for $18.  Which is worth it when our two-year old devours half a bar sometimes as well.

When you compare the two side by side, they are virtually the same product. Both brands contain 20g of protein.  The protein used in both bars is soy protein isolate, and when comparing the ingredients side by side its almost a mirror image of one another.

Packaging: Both products use the mint green color scheme on the outside of the box and on the individual wrappers as well.

Appearance: If you set the two bars right next two each other, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart.

Caloric Information: CLIF bars come in with 270 calories/80 from fat.  Elevation bars have 260 calories/70 from fat.

Sugar Content: CLIF has 21g in each bar.  Elevation has 19g per bar.  (A bit high still, but probably part of the reason they both taste so delicious).

Sodium: CLIF bars contain 9% of your daily value.  Elevation contains 9% of your daily value.

Vitamins: CLIF bars have a much higher percentage of vitamins such as Vitamin A/C, Calcium, B, etc.  For example a CLIF bar has a daily value of 30% vitamin A, whereas Elevation bars only contain 15%.

Fiber: CLIF bars contain 2g of fiber and Elevation contains 3g of fiber.

Verdict: We initially were going to just “try” the Elevation bars.  However, it is now what we choose over the CLIF bars.  I actually think they have a little more flavor and aren’t as tough to chew.  Plus, saving a few extra dollars is something I can never be mad about.  Next time you’re at Aldi, pick up a box.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  If you decide to give them a whirl, let me know.  I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on them as well.

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