“Mask” Me About Masks…

Facial masks are everywhere these days and rightfully so. At home facial masks can be used for a variety of reasons including: removing impurities from the skin, hydration, and help with the overall appearance of your skin. However, not all masks are created equal. Today I am talking about a new find of mine and why I fell in love with this facial mask. My new love is: Dermacare Facial 5 Amazonian Clay & Charcoal Mask.

What is it? This is clay and charcoal mask that is made free of harsh chemicals and parabens. The line of products is also cruelty free and vegan, so far it’s earning an A rating in my book. Bonus: it’s made right here in the USA.

Why charcoal? Let’s be clear, this is different than the charcoal you’re using to bbq your dinner. Activated charcoal has been heated and broken down into a fine, black powder. This powder works to trap and pull toxins away. Activated charcoal is able to hold up to 200 times it’s weight, meaning it can pull some serious dirt from those pores. your face is exposed to millions. You may not realize it, but your face is exposed to millions of toxins daily. So, this mask is a great way to get those pores feeling and looking clean.

Mask: This mask initially feels like a thick gel. You apply a thin layer on your face (avoiding eyebrows, eyes, and hairline). Then, the magic happens. You allow the mask to dry for 10-15 minutes. During this time you can feel it start to tighten/harden. After the mask has dried, slowly start to peel the mask off. Initially I thought it was going to be a nightmare to pull it off. However, I was pleasantly surprised because the mask literally came off in large sections. Somehow this crazy gel hardened and turned into a tissue paper thin mask that I was peeling away.

Results: As I was peeling the mask off I could actually see the dirt sticking to areas of the mask. My skin felt refreshed and extremely clean. After a single use, I was hooked. A

I firmly recommend this product from this up and coming brand. It’s a reasonable price-point and does its job, very well. During my first use, I targeted my entire face. For my second application I applied it strictly to problem areas. Each time I had phenomenal results and my skin looked visibly brighter.

To check out this amazing brand, click here.

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