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Shopping for all things baby can be so overwhelming, in so many ways.  With my first I was slightly obsessed with everything looking cute and matching, which ended up backfiring on me.  Sometimes things that work, aren’t necessarily the cutest but the point is they work.  So, when baby number two came along I quickly became more practical and focused on things that worked previously.  Below you will find some must-have items that have made my life SO much easier.

  1. Dr, Browns Gia Nursing Pillow: Seriously, the most underrated nursing pillow that needs more attention.  Most people, myself included, register for the Boppy. However, my aunt purchased this for me instead because my cousin had such wonderful success with it.  Let me tell you, I am thankful for this pillow everyday of my newborn’s life.  The pillow itself is crescent shape and provides an incline that is different than other pillows out there.  This allows you to use the pillow in several positions while nursing or simply holding the baby.  It is filled perfectly and maintains its shape and comfort level (mine is almost 3 years old and still feels brand new).  The Gia is budget-friendly and to make it “prettier” you can purchase a pillow cover.
  2. Summer Infant Baby Monitor: This monitor comes with a 5 inch screen, which that in itself is impressive.  This is a simple monitor that does exactly what you need it to, provide a clear image of baby.  No, it is not as fancy as some of the other monitors out there but it works efficiently and is easy to use.  When baby number two arrived I purchased a V-Tech dual monitor with a ton of features.  My summer infant monitor blows that one out of the water with its battery-life and simplicity. Summer Infants monitor provides a phenomenal battery-life, easy to use charging cord, wide range for video distance, and clear color coded system for when baby is making noise.  After 2 years, mine still works like I just purchased is yesterday.  Whereas my V-Tech dies within an hour of being unplugged and the charging cord falls out all the time.
  3. Dr. Browns Options Bottles: These bottles are the best, I wish they would have been around when I had my first. Dr. Browns bottles are one of the most suggested and favored by parents everywhere.  With the “Options” line, they have taken their classic bottle and transformed it into a bottle that can grow with baby.  The bottles still use the patent vent system, but can also be used without them as baby grows.  My second had colic, so these bottles worked tremendously well when he was smaller. As he grew out of his colic, he no longer needed the vent. Before that meant we had to purchase new bottles, but with this new design you can transition away from the vent without breaking the bank.  I cannot say enough great things about these bottles, they are simply amazing.
  4. Burts Bees Organic Pajamas: Like all over Burt’s products the pajamas are made with the same simple and natural ingredients, but for clothing.  These organic cotton pajama feel incredibly soft, even after being washed over and over again.  The pajamas also have a protected zipper feature, which keeps you from accidentally zipping baby’s skin in with the zipper.  Additionally, the feet of the pajamas are equipped with slip-proof grippers to keep little ones safe as they learn to navigate their own way.  With a price tag of only $12.95, these are worth every penny and will not break the bank.
  5. Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: Maybe I was just super unprepared with my first, but I purchased swaddle blankets that were cute and matched the nursery.  Problem was, my little ninja could break out of those blankets in seconds.  Luckily, the hospital gives every newborn a Halo Swaddle when the baby is born.  Can I please get an Alleluia! This thing was the bomb dot com.  Both of my children lived in these until they could roll over.  Plus it is dummy-proof so I had no problem wrapping baby up, unlike the blankets where I was constantly re-swaddling because I couldn’t get it tight enough.  Another amazing brand is the miracle blanket, but both my babies preferred the halo brand best.
  6. Burts Bees Organic Wearable Blanket: Just like the pajamas, this wearable blanket is the softest thing on the planet (I kinda wish they came in my size).  Wearable blankets are essential with little ones because they cannot have anything in the crib with them for the first year.  We transitioned from the swaddle to this cute little wearable blanket once the kiddos could roll in their sleep (which happened to be right at 4 months in our house). This wearable blanket zips downward and has a zipper protector flap that keeps little ones from unzipping the blanket on their own.  An added bonus, it makes middle of the night diaper changes A LOT easier.  For $22.95, it is a steal and worth every penny because they hold up and provide warmth.
  7. Homemedics Baby Soundspa: Before having our first, I never thought a sound machine was necessary.  Then, I had the baby and went running to the store one afternoon, desperate to find ANYTHING to help our little one sleep.  White noise is a must-have in this house.  We have two of these in our house currently, and cannot put the littles to sleep without them.  For the money, they hold up extremely well and should seriously be on every single registry.

What have you found that works well for those first few months at home? Its a time full of transitions, so finding what works best for you and your family is essential.  Happy Planning!

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