Color Street Nail Polish

Let’s be honest, as a working mom of 2 little ones I really don’t have the time to go to the nail salon every week.  Mix that with the fact that even though I LOVE shellac nail polish, they absolutely ruin my nails. So, I am always on the hunt to find nail polish I can use at home that can give me salon wearability and shine.  Today I am talking all about the brand, Color Street.

Color Street: Color Street was founded by a man named, Fa Park. He set out on a mission to find a way to make painting nails easier for women ((and men)).  After years of designing and trying different adhesive papers, Color Street hit the market in Fall 2017.

What Is It?: Similar to Jamberry, this product is actually an adhesive that goes directly onto your nail.  The biggest difference between Color Street and similar products out there, is they actually use REAL NAIL POLISH for their products.  So, when you open up a package of nail strips, they are 90% dry and will set once on your nails. When I say “set” I pretty much mean they will instantly dry. because you can go about your day as soon as you are finished.

What You Get: When you order from Color Street, you have a variety of basic colors, glitters, or designs to choose from.  Once the polish arrives at your doorstep and you open it up, you receive everything you need.  In each color package you receive 2 strips of various nail sizes to choose from, a miniature nail file, and an alcohol wipe. Each package of nail color is vacuum sealed so the product can stay fresh, literally when you cut it open you can smell nail polish.

How It Works: 

  • I recommend filing and buffing your nails before you begin to apply the product, so the adhesive can bind to your nail with a stronger hold.
  • Next, you will use the provided alcohol wipe and cleanse each nail.
  • Open the nail color strips.  Choose the correct nail strip, size-wise, for each nail.  It was recommended to me that you size down, because the strips can stretch a little to fit.
  •  Once you have the desired size chosen, peel off the clear plastic on top, As well as the silver tab and the backing on the backside of the nail polish.
  • Holding the strip in the middle, apply to desired nail.  Smoothing out from the bottom to the top.
  • Tear the excess off, but hold onto the remaining pieces. You can use this on your same nail on the opposite hand.
  • Once the excess is torn off, cut it down a bit so you have just a little hanging over to tuck under the nail.  Tuck the polish under your nail, then file your nail.
  • Repeat for remaining nails.
  • That’s it!

After wearing these color strips for a while here are my thoughts on them.


  • TIME SAVER!!! It literally took me 10 minutes for the whole process and my nails looked amazing.  I received so many compliments as well.  The shine lasts and looks like a salon painted your nails.
  • I also love that they use real nail polish, so the adhesive doesn’t feel “heavy” on my nails.
  • Love the various strip sizes included because you can give yourself a manicure and pedicure using just one single package.
  • It is also convenient that they come with everything you need already in the packaging.
  • Color Street is constantly running sales for buy 3 get one, so each package runs from $11-$14 which is reasonable for a manicure. SO easy to remove- just grab some nail polish remover and you are finished.  (Although the glitter polish did take a little more effort to remove).


  • Although they use real nail polish, it is not 7-free meaning there are harmful chemicals used in the actual nail polish.
  • I will be the first to admit that I am tough on my hands, but this did not last 2 weeks.  Mine needed to be taken off after 9 days because of the wear and tear.
  • Once the packages are opened, you cannot use them again later.  I stored mine in a ziplock bag inside an air-tight container and didn’t have any luck.  Meaning I used to different packages so I could have accent nails. That means my 9 day manicure actually cost me $23.
  • There is a learning curve when it comes to applying the adhesives.  After 3 rounds I am better at it, but still not great.
  • Popular shades sellout quickly, so order fast if you like one.


Final Thoughts: All in all, I am so glad I tried this product. It is an easy way to get your nails done at-home.  If you’re in the market for a new polish to try, give it a whirl.  I personally will only use it for special occasions since it can cost a bit more if I choose to use accent nail designs.  Another reason is I prefer to use nail polishes free of chemicals since we have children in the house.


Have you tried Color Street? What are your thoughts??

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