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Trolls Birthday Party

Well, it happened. Our little lady turned three last week and I am still trying to figure out how that’s possible?!?! Pretty sure I feel like I just had her yesterday, but here we are in full threenager mode already.  No joke, threenager is a real thing and if you have ever been graced by the presence of one you now what I’m referring to.  Anyways, we decided to throw her the biggest, loudest, craziest party ever ((insert Trolls voice here)).

So, when your daughter loves Trolls as much as ours you bust out all the decorations and balloons you can find.  However, I didn’t want the house to look like DreamWorks threw up in our living room, nor did I want to spend a fortune on the decorations.  Below I posted party details and some amazing deals we were able to find.

Since I had a few days before the party, yes I am a procrastinator I went to my go-to AMAZON.

  • Silver door curtain (2 pack): I wanted this to serve as the backdrop for our party so we purchased the door curtains for $6.  It added the right amount of pizazz to our typically boring kitchen.
  • Poppy supplies: I purchased Poppy plates and napkins to be delivered to our front door.

The local dollar store was my first stop.  I have always checked there for local deals and this trip was another success.  I was able to purchase

  • A pack of 20 balloons to make a cure little rainbow with above our entryway.  Full disclosure, I blew some balloons up before the party and the kids had a blast. However, they really enjoyed popping them.  LOL. So, I used what was left to make the rainbow.
  • Knives/Forks/Spoons: Yes, I could have purchased the plain white or clear silverware BUT this was a Trolls theme so I grabbed the hot pink and purple.
  • Tissue paper garland: How cute are these?!?!  I’m sure you have seen tissue paper flowers by now and this garland is made from tiny little tissue paper flowers.  I literally just had to unfold and go. SO EASY.
  • Vases: I grabbed some vases while there.  Yes, we already have a ton at home but I had a vision and they were only $1 a piece…. OOOOOPS

Once I left the dollar store, I headed to Party City, after all we were having a party so it seemed logical. From Party City we purchased just the essentials:

  • Hot Pink Table Cloths:  I tried grabbing these from other stores but the color just wasn’t right.  If you’re looking for table cloths in a variety of colors, this places is hands-down the best.
  • Balloons: I purchased the rose gold number balloon and the 8 colorful latex balloons here.  I tried contacting other places, but to ensure they would float for over 24 hours I needed the high-float which is only available at select stores.  In total, we spend $17 on balloons from Party City, but she LOVED them.

Overall, we made the theme come to life.  For her actual birthday, it was her “Golden Birthday” so we decorated with light pink, gold, silver, and white.  Then we used the same supplies again for the party day.  The party was full of bright colors and Troll themed snacks.  We made Poppy Popcorn and made our own Rainbow Fruit Tray.  Add in the colorful table cloths and brightly colored confetti and I think her Poppy Party came to life.

Here are the details and pictures from our Poppy-Tastic Day.  *Disclaimer: Daddy isn’t the biggest fan of glitter all over the house, so we had to find alternate ways to bring the party to life.*

Has your child has a birthday?? What was the theme?? Any tricks you have found? I’d love to hear about them.


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