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The BEST Foot Peel

Spring is here!! Which also means its time to pack away the boots and bring out the open-toed shoes.  Thats right, it’s time to let those feet be free!!  If you’re anything like me though, your winter time pedicure routine doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.  Knowing my feet will be wrapped up for months, makes me push my toes to the back burner.  So, knowing my feet have been neglected for months I went on a mission to find a product to get my feet feeling silky smooth and ready for sandals asap.

I stumbled across Grace & Stella’s Dr. Pedicure and let me tell you that this product is an absolute game-changer! The box doesn’t lie when it says, “Use this and you’ll be showing off your feet in no time.”

What is it? This is a foot peel that will actually eliminate dead skin from your feet over the course of a few days. The peel comes in a variety of scents, but each one provides the same results.  The foot peel consists of two plastic booties that you will secure on your feet using tape.  Once finished, your skin are silky smooth and ready to hit the beach.  Disclaimer: If pregnant or nursing they suggest not using this product without consulting your doctor first.

How it works? Now, this part seemed a little strange but I went with it.  You will want to soak your feet for about 10 minutes (or take a really long shower) so your feet are soft.  Dry your feet.  Then, you will open up the package placing one bootie on each foot.  Once the booties are on, secure them with the tape provided in the package.  They also suggest placing socks over the booties to help secure them in place (I followed this recommendation and recommend you do too).  Now, you just sit back and relax for an hour while the peel works its magic. After an hour, remove the booties and throw them away.  Finally, wash your feet again with soap and water.  Thats it!

Peeling: After a few days, some say as early as 3 but mine didn’t start until day 5, your feet will literally start to peel.  I mean like snake shedding new skin type peeling.  Don’t be alarmed, that just means the product worked!  Over the next several days your feet will continue to shed all the dead skin.  It actually grossed me out a tad, so I was sure to wear socks so I didn’t have flaky skin falling everywhere. It is super important you do not pick at the skin, but naturally let it fall off.  After about 7-10 days your feet will finish peeling.

Results: My skin has NEVER felt this smooth.  Thanks to this peel my feet are silky and ready for manicured toes and barefoot days. I am so thankful I tried this peel and will keep one handy for the future.  Such an awesome product that required little work for fresh feet.

If you are interested in trying this foot peel out for yourself click here.  (Also available on Amazon). Its probably the best $12.95 you will spend this spring.  If you try it, don’t be grossed out.  This literally is like an at-home spa day without that massive spa bill.  If you’ve tried it or end up trying it, let me know what you think!!!



Money Saving Makeup- Drugstore Finds

Although Sephora will forever own my soul, I have set out on a mission to find makeup also available at a reasonable price. Not everyone wants to spend $30 on foundation, and to be fair I don’t always want to either. However, I also want makeup that lasts all day and won’t cause any breakouts on my skin. So, this past month I tried several drugstore brands. Some were absolute misses and they went straight into the trash after a day, but some were absolutely amazing. Today I am talking about the products that worked for me. Who doesn’t like to save a little money?

L’Oreal Infallibile Glow Pro Foundation


This foundation is available in many shades so it can complement any skin tone.  Not only that, but it feels so light on your skin.  Sometimes drugstore foundations can cause my skin to feel clogged or heavy, but with this foundation I barely remembered it was on.  Another plus is the longevity of the product, it stayed in place all day long and I looked just as fresh at the end of the day as I did in the morning.  My favorite part about this foundation is the subtle glow it provides on my skin.  It almost reminded me of a built-in highlighter.  As the light hits the face, it provides a dewy glow all day long.  Such a steal for only $13.


L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation


Seems a little crazy that I loved both the matte and the glow, but I loved them for different reasons.  I choice the matte foundation on days where I wanted to apply custom highlight and a fuller face.  Just like the glow pro, this foundation provides medium coverage with a long lasting ability.  It will truly come down to your makeup preference and if you prefer a subtle glow or a more light/textured finish.

L’Oreal Eyeliner


I love everything about this wooden eyeliner pencil.  It literally glides right onto your skin.  Plus, it is easy to sharpen which is always a nice thing.  I also love that it lasts all day long and you will have this pencil for months before needing a new one.  (Although, its recommended you swap out eyeliner every three months).

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid


I. Love. Matte. Lipgloss.  More importantly, I love THIS matte lip gloss.  It is available for only $8, which is half the cost of my favorite brand from Sephora.  Vivid Matte comes in a variety of shades and feels like butter on your lips.  This is now in my purse every single day- LOVE it.

Essie Treat & Love


Nail polish can be tricky, no matter the brand. When doing my nails at home I prefer to use companies that have limited chemicals and are part of the 5 free campaign.  Essie certainly fits the bill for this. Their Treat Love & Color line provides everything Essie already stands behind PLUS the added bonus of strengthening your nails while wearing the polish. It is available in a variety of shades, but I am loving the soft pink shade “Soul Happy”.  Check out this polish for only $10, which is a lot cheaper than your bi-weekly gel polish at the salon.

Mixed Chicks Spring Bands


These cute little spring hair ties look like something you would hold your car keys on.  I was skeptical at first, but gave them a whirl.  This product does exactly what is states- hold your hair in place without the kink from a typical hair tie.  So, you can easily transition your hair from up to down without any creases in your hair.  I just chose this brand, but several are available at your local drugstore ranging from $3-$5.


What are some of your favorite drugstore makeup finds? Any must-haves that I should look into? Would love to hear your comments below. Happy Shopping!


Tarte Cosmetics

If I am being completely honest, I really didn’t care about what makeup and skincare products I used on my face until my last year or two of college.  You see, I didn’t realize that makeup completely change the appearance of your skin when you use brands other than those readily available at the drugstore.  Then one day, I walked into Sephora and it has owned a piece of my soul ever since.

One of my very first purchases at Sephora was from a brand called, Tarte.  I purchased a tinted moisturizer that literally made my face glow, in all the right ways.  This product felt like butter on my face and I could’t believe how different my skin looked.  Since that day I have stayed loyal to the brand and purchased SO many products over the years.

In addition to providing a high-quality makeup finish, this brand stands behind their products and believes that the ingredients that we use in our makeup should be just as good as the products we consume.  This company prides itself on its ability to use naturally occurring ingredients that are hypoallergenic and vegan-friendly.  Say what?!?! Yes, you read that correctly.  Tarte uses ingredients that are good for your skin- meaning no paragons or additional additives.  Your skin is the largest organ and is reported to absorb up to 70% of ingredients it is exposed to.  (Mind you this is not a one size fits all statement, because some things are absorbed instantly into the bloodstream.)  Moral of this cute little story is: WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR SKIN MATTERS.

When shopping for makeup, I am constantly looking for products that work.  More importantly, I am looking for products that won’t have a negative impact on my skin.  This brand fits the bill.  The products are AMAZING and I don’t feel guilty about what I am using because they are actually good for me.  Below I have  described a few of my favorites, I think they will quickly become your favorites as well!

Amazonian Clay Bronzer

Literally a MUST-HAVE in my opinion.  This bronzer is everything.  I even have a travel-size one in my purse, just in case I need touchups during the day.  The park avenue princess shade is one that will compliment almost every skin tone.  Another perk is this bronzer is actually waterproof!

Tarteist PRO Glow To-Go Highlighter

Contouring made easy.  Contouring has been everywhere for quite a while and this palette will help you master the hottest trend.  With two shades of highlighter and the perfect broke palette, become a pro with contouring.

Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint

This matte lip paint is my absolute favorite.  I received a sample size from Sephora for my birthday last year, then I had to have a larger version.  You can wear it for hours, but you don’t remember you actually have it on because it feels so light on your lips. I am obsessed with the birthday suit shade.

Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eye Palette Vol III

Eyeshadow is my weakness. I quite possibly own 10 at any given moment. This palette comes in neutral shades that provide light-reflecting colors.  To be honest, ALL of Tarte’s eyeshadow palettes are amazing.  They are vegan and come in a variety of shades.  From my personal experience, they last all day.

Goal Getters Contour Brush Set

My Aunt gave me these beauties for Christmas, and I looove them.  To be honest, I love that they glitter so that in itself would have made me love them. Then I used them and realized they are perfect to use when contouring or applying different types of makeup on your face. Each brush has the perfect angle for its purpose and the bristles are vegan as well.


If you’re looking to invest in some quality makeup, check this brand out.  Tarte also provides DIY tutorials on their website to assist you in using your products.  Additionally, they have a YouTube Channel to support your makeup experience as well.  All in all, Tarte cares about their customers, their brand, and the world.  What’s not to love?

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February Finds: Valentine’s Gift Guide

February, one of the most loved and loathed month depending on who you talk to. Loved because it’s the shortest month of the year & one last hurdle to sweet springtime. Loathed because the biggest Hallmark Holiday if the year Renee place. Don’t fall victim to the last minute candy and overpriced flowers trap. Check out this gift guide and get your shopping completed early.

Gift Ideas for Her:

Adidas Gold Trefoil T

This. Is. Everything. The gold trefoil adds a little sparkle and flare to the classic symbol. Literally obsessed.

Deborah Lipmann Nail Polish Set

Shades of dirty pastels, this is the perfect color set for spring. Polishes are free of toxic chemicals and known for there extra glossy appearance. Long-lasting and gives the appearance of a gel manicure, it will keep nails healthy and beautiful. $36.

Kate Spade Multi Stipes iPhone Case

Kate Spade does it again with this phone case. Beautiful shades of blue with jewels, perfect combo. $45 for the regular iPhone and $50 for the plus.

Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody

Get ready for spring with this beautiful leather bag. Long enough to wear as a crossbody, but offers a top handle as well. The details are gorgeous on this Bag.

Layered Necklace

One of the hottest trends in jewelry right now. From baublebar you can actually design your own layered look for only $48. They have so many options available that you can’t go wrong. Plus if you signup for email you can receive 15% off.

Adia Kubr Beaded Bracelet

Beautiful beaded bracelet with tassels and flowers. Elegant and simple in shades of pink and rose gold. $70.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Not only are these bracelets beautiful, but the story behind the company is as well. Each bracelet is hand-crafted by artists around the world, offering them a better chance at life. Single bracelets are priced as low as $6 and packs can go as high as $60. With that range, styles are available at every price point. Look fashionable and support an amazing cause.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

The. Best. Perfume. Ever. Seriously, ask for it and trust me. A variety of flowers blended perfectly with vanilla, it’s simply the best. It comes in many sizes so can range from $50 upward. I chose the gift set, because you will receive the most product for this price point.

Gift Ideas for Him:

Adidas Hoodie

Adidas is making a strong comeback in my opinion. I’m currently obsessed with all their latest styles and this hoodie fits the bill. A classic throwback and perfect for loungewear or with jeans.

Adidas Shoes

A twist on the classic adidas superstar shoes, these are perfect for the man in your life. They look great with jeans or workout gear. Keep his feet stylish this year with some new shoes.


Topgolf is busy building entertainment locations everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to have one near you, go! They’re providing a fun evening out where you can golf, sip on beer (or fine beverages, and grab a bite to eat. A unique driving range experience with bays that are outdoors. Classes and lessons are available, plus you can reserve a bay online.


Cologne, enough said. Yes, completely stereotypical BUT one whiff of this cologne and you won’t be disappointed. Chrome is the perfect musky blend mixed with citrus. Your man will absolutely love this masculine scent. $65-$100 depending on the amount purchased.

Cuisinart Grill Set

For the grill master in your life, check out this grilling tool kit. Loaded with all the essentials and a reasonable price point, this gift is worthy of a prime rib. $20.99 from Target!

Dapper Wallet

A wallet designed for men! Sleek and stylish, yet sturdy and rugged. This wallet is designed to carry cards and cash, but eliminate the bulkiness of a traditional wallet. The slim design won’t take up excess room in pockets, which is a win when looking for men’s wallets.

Hook Leather Bracelet

For the fisherman in your life. These leather bracelets have the perfect masculine touch with a nice detail. Coming in several styles, they can range in price from $68-$70. Available at Nordstrom.

MVMT Watch

Seriously, OBSESSED with so many of these watches. They come in a variety of styles and colors. I love so many of them. Bonus: they come in women’s styles as well. Prices range from $95-$160. Most fall within the $120 range.

Yeti Roadie Cooler

The ultimate cooler, especially if you have an outdoorsman in your life. The one-piece cooler is known to keep items colder than the average cooler and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Gender Neutral Gifts:

Beartwo Earbuds

Wireless earbuds that are perfect for working out. These earbuds are noise-canceling, sweat-proof, tiny and hold a major charge. Available on Amazon for $43.

Apple Watch

Available in many stores, stay connected with an Apple Watch. Have your messages readily available while easily tracking your daily fitness goal. Shop around because prices and deals vary depending where you purchase it.

WiFi Digital Picture Frame

The ultimate picture frame, never be stuck staring at a single picture again. Connect the frame to your WiFi and upload photos from your phone or computer. Adjustable settings and a slideshow mode, this is a favorite at my parents house. Only $99.


You can never go wrong with a trip to the spa. Plan a couples massage or a facial treatment. Men and women alike will both enjoy the pampering and leave feeling refreshed. Check local spas or locations like massage luxe for their deals.

What’s something you’re hoping to snag this Valentine’s Day?? Drop a comment below, love seeing new items and hearing about products. Happy Shopping!

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Monday Must-Haves

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a MAJOR shopping addiction. I just love how clothes look, fit, and can make me feel more confident on any given day. Here’s a few of my current favorites! Just ordered some of these for myself and cannot wait to strut my stuff.

Tiered Bell Sleeve Dress

From Nordstrom by B.P. I’m totally obsessed and it’s only $49!

Lush Tunic Top

I’ve literally been obsessed with the Lush tunics forever. I wore one on my bachelorette party weekend back in 2013 and they haven’t failed me yet. Loving this springtime colors available. Currently $28 from Nordstrom.

Embroidered Flower Detail Sweatshirt

How cute are the sleeves?!? Loving this feminine touch on the sweatshirt. Perfect for jeans and weekends in my opinion. $35!

Striped Peplum Bell Sleeve Top

Another great top that can be worn to work or with jeans. Love the details on the sleeves and the mixed fabrics. Another steal at only $59.

Lucky Brand Stella Skinny

Light-washed Lucky jeans, perfect for springtime. They have a frayed hemline and ripped detailing though the legs. Verrry cute. Plus, lucky jeans currently has a special where you buy a pair and purchase a pair for 50% off.

Let me know if you’ve found anything that you’re just in love with too. Like I said, I can NEVER get enough of clothes. Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you haven’t yet:


Everybody get your roll on…..

Your facial roll on that is.

Jade, Rose Quartz, Microneedling (Dermaroller)….. Following me so far? If not, it’s okay just sit tight for a minute.

Facial rollers have been all the craze for a while now.  Facial rollers are believed to increase circulation which allows skincare products to absorb deeper in the skin. Currently there are many types of at-home rollers on the shelves that are said to rejuvenate the skin’s surface and enhance product absorption.  Do they really though?  I put these beauty items to the test and here is what I have learned.

Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are made from, you guessed it, jade.  Most rollers offer one or two jade stones on the device.  Typically a larger end and a smaller piece for tight spaces such as around the eyes.  According to Chinese Medicine, Jade is known to enhance the Qi. Qi is the body’s natural and vital energy. Jade is a stone that is believed to provide healing and balance when used.  Translation- jade is believed to pull negative properties out of the body. Now, you may not believe in Chinese medicine and that’s okay.  Jade alone is a stone that is naturally cold to the touch, which is why when it is used on your face you can see benefits.

Jade rollers can decrease puffiness on the face. Additionally, they are believed to increase circulation which opens up your skin so facial products can be absorbed deeper in the epidermis. These rollers are readily available in many price points from $10-$50. Here is one available from Amazon.

Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose Quartz rollers are similar to jade, but they’re made from rose quartz. Rose is known as an “emotional healer”. It’s believed that if you use a rose quartz aids in stimulating the heart, because it is known as a love stone. When used, it is reportedly known to reduce stress. Additionally, true rose quartz can be used to reduce signs of scarring.

Similar to jade rollers, the quartz roller aids in product absorption. Additionally, it awakens the skin and provides healing powers for areas targeted with the crystals beliefs. Quartz rollers can be a little more expensive than jade rollers ranging from $15, $30, all the way to $50. I did find from reviews that you get what you pay for and the more expensive rollers may be worth the investment. Here is one I liked online.

Derma Roller

This roller is a little different than the other two because it contains tiny NEEDLES that you roll across your face. At-home needles range from .25mm to 1.5m. You gently roll this roller and all it’s prickliness across your face. In doing this, you are opening up your skin. Derma rollers also open up the skins s surface which allows for better product absorption. It is reported that it can increase product absorption by 200-500%, depending on the needle sized selected. Additionally, it assists with boosting collagen production.

Each needle size selected is geared to aid your face in a different way. For example, smaller needle sizes are geared for production penetration. Larger needles, may make your skin slightly bleed, but are great for wrinkles and collagen production. Depending on the needle-size selected, your recovery time between usage will vary. Smaller needles may be okay to used every other day or even daily (depending how tough you are). Larger rollers may need longer rest days between, 4+ days in some cases. Pay close attention to the directions you receive with the roller you purchase, it will be very detailed in how often it may be used. This is the first one I purchased.


I personally own a jade and derma roller. I’ve used them each for a few months now and here’s what I’ve found.

Jade Roller:

  • Feels amazing first thing in the morning.
  • Naturally cold on skin
  • Used every morning
  • Helps with eye puffiness, but a spoon in the fridge works just as well.
  • The rolling is smoothing and therapeutic.
  • Skin turns a little pink when I use it, I have sensitive skin though.

Derma Roller

  • Prickly feeling across my face.
  • Used every other night.
  • Must use a serum or lotion within a minute of using it.
  • My skin turns red, so I only use this at night.
  • Must clean with alcohol after every use to keep it clean.

I personally love the derma roller. Perhaps it’s the prickly feeling and how red my skin turns, but I am convinces it’s making a difference. While I like the jade roller and use it daily, for me it is more of a wake-up tool than a deep skincare enhancer. However, like I stated it could be because I like actually feeling the needles. After using the jade roller, I decided not to keep the rose quartz roller. I found that it was going to be similar to the jade roller, which is available at a much lower price point. You may prefer the rose quartz, but for me the jade roller worked just fine. I didn’t find it necessary to own both.

I absolutely love both rollers and use them differently. I use the jade roller every morning, followed by my daily skincare and makeup routines. At night, I use the derma roller. If you’re on the fence, you can find both under $15 on Amazon. Then, if you want to invest more in another roller after using it for a while you can. I for one can’t wait to receive my derma roller with larger needles. As they say, beauty is pain.


Back to Brows

No, you’re not experiencing deja vu there really is a second post all about eyebrows. Why? Well, as I mentioned yesterday they are a focal point on your face so they deserve lots of time and attention. The previous post was all about achieving the perfect shape and the best way to maintain them. Today, it’s all about enhancing your brow line to look fierce.

Eyebrow makeup- one of the hottest trends going right now. Filling in your brows with powder, gel, pencil, or a liquid stick is basically a must these days. By doing this you’re enhancing your natural brows, all while drawing attention to them. Filling your brows give a more cohesive, defined, and complete look. Literally, so jealous that this just now became a thing. So many awful high school yearbook pictures could have been better if I knew then to take care of them. Now that I see the importance of it, this is another must-do in my daily makeup routine. After a few hiccups I have finally found the BEST brow makeup.

This probably won’t come as a surprise to you, but my favorite eyebrow makeup comes from ((insert drumroll here)) European Wax Center. Thinking about it, this makes total sense that they provide quality makeup to backup their services. They specialize in hair removal and hair care and their product line enhances what they do in house.

At European Wax Center, they offer many different products including makeup as well as lotions and serums. However, I absolutely cannot live without the eyebrow powder and highlighting stick.

Calling their line of eyebrow products, Eyebrowfection, they’ve got it right because it is absolute perfection. The eyebrow powder duo is available in three different shades and a consultant will match you with the shade you need by your skin tone. Upon opening the case, you see two shades split down the center (this is why they call it the browfection duo). You’re given two shades so you can blend to create the desired color. I find the powder can be subtle or dramatic to achieve a day or nighttime look. It provides a natural fill, without looking clumpy or too powdery on your brows. This powder lasts FOREVER. I purchased my powder almost two years ago and still have plenty left. Honestly, you can hardly tell it’s been used and I used it daily. I apply this with a small angular brush, outlining my natural brow line and filling in the entire hairline. The cost for this amazing brow powder is, $22. By adding this to your makeup kit, you’re investing in a quality product that will outlast the initial investment. Here is a picture of my personal powder, since I purchased this they have updated the packaging to the previous picture above.

If you’re unsure about using a powder, they do offer a pencil, crayon, and tinted gel. These are all great products, but in my opinion the powder is where it’s at. The pencil didn’t provide the look I was trying to achieve and I went through it quickly. Whereas the tint, well that’s just not for me. I don’t enjoy the feeling of gel on my eyebrows. I never tried the crayon because at that point, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” and I stuck with the powder.

Another product you won’t be disappointed in, EWC’s Oh My Highlighting Brow Highlighter. A highlighter on one side with a blending sponge on the other. This cute little tool is perfect for highlighting so close to your eyes. You can easily apply it beneath the brow bone and in the inner tear duct of your eye. With this you are able to slightly enhance and give that extra sparkle, drawing extra attention to your eyes. Similar to the powder, it lasts quite a while. I purchase it once, maybe twice a year for $18. Sometimes I use more because I blend it onto my actual eyelid in-lieu of eyeshadow, especially during the summertime. It provides a subtle shimmer on your eyelids if you use it there.

If you’re in the market for new eyebrow makeup, look into EWC’s products. I assure you they provide quality products that go the extra mile for you. After all, you want to put your best brow forward every day.