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Save On Baby Items: Target Car Seat Trade-In

We all know and love Target, and this week they are giving you a reason to love them even more! (As if that were really possible, right?).

This week Target is hosting their car-seat trade-in event. Bring in an old car-seat or stroller and receive a 20% off coupon to be used to purchase a newer model.  This is great news for moms like me because my second is ready to get out of his infant carrier. Target will be accepting car seats until May 5th.  Combine that with your RedCard for an additional 5% off and you’re saving a ton. **Trade-in voucher can be used at a later date, but will have an expiration date on it.**

In addition to the car seat trade-in event, Target is also rewarding you for purchasing baby items this week.  When you spend a total of $75 on anything from wipes/diapers to baby food and formula, you will receive a $15 target gift card to be used on your next purchase.  Another STEAL.

I am a little crazy, my husband will back me up on this, when it comes to using these cards for more items we actually NEED.  My plan is to trade-in the car seat, load up on diapers and formula and head to the check out lane.  I will first purchase my $75 of baby items to receive my card.  For my second transaction I will purchase the car seat, using my 20% off voucher and then my $15 gift card.  Literally, this saves you quite a bit of money and can take a car seat that was regularly $150 down to about $105 (that’s without the 5% RedCard savings, but I figure thats really covering tax).  Sounds amazing to me!

Do you plan on taking advantage of this major sale? What items are you looking for?


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Magnetic Eyelashes

Lashes are everything in my world. Like I’ve told you before, I will not leave the house without mascara and carry a tube with me always. So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of magnetic lashes and if you haven’t, stick with me a little longer.

Magnetic lashes are false eyelashes that use the smallest magnets instead of eyelash glue. Since they use magnets you’re able to reuse them over time if taken care of properly. I’ve been reading on these beauties for quite a while and finally clicked purchase because I just had to know if they were with it.

One Two Cosmetics

I purchased my lashes from One Two Cosmetics. After winning the Allure’s Innovative Product in 2016 and being featured in several magazines and websites I decided to purchase them. This brand uses synthetics locally manufactured in California and the lashes underwent testing from Princeton’s Consumer Research to ensure safety of use.


I ordered the full coverage original lash. It’s described as elegant and understated on the website, to give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. The packaging itself is gorgeous.

Once I opened the box, I was mot disappointed. They look beautiful and I couldn’t wait to put them on. They were so long and had a full look (kind of like my lashes after I put on 162 layers of mascara).


Maybe it was he excitement, but it did take me a few attempts to correctly apply these beauties. The directions were simple and easy to follow for both methods of application. (You can choose: apply them by hand or use the applicator tool).

When applying by hand, I just had to figure out my hand placement to ensure the lashes were in the correct place. Once I figured out where/how to focus on the outer corner things were SO easy. After a few practices, I can now apply them in seconds.

I personally didn’t enjoy using the applicator. You magnetize the lashes onto the applicator then place them on your eyes. It reminded me of using a lash curler in a sense. I just had better luck by hand.

Wearing My Lashes

After the first 5 minutes, I forgot I even had them on. They felt so light on your lashes. This is a huge perk because I find most fake lashes annoying and the glue bothers my skin.

The length was out of this world. If you love longer lashes, you will not be disappointed.


Seriously, the easiest thing you’ll ever do. You simply pinch the outer corner with your thumb and index finger, give it a sliding motion (almost like you’re going to snap) and off they come. THATS IT. The site recommends cleaning with their product and storing away safely before the next use.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’m hooked. These lashes are so easy, reusable, and won’t cause damage to your natural lashes or skin. The actual lashes I purchased are great for an everyday look, but if going to a special event I would purchased the bolder lashes so they stand out more. (Which I plan on doing). I would also recommend purchasing the cleaner. I initially didn’t (because I’m stubborn) but I’m now waiting on delivery because I want to take care of these the best way possible. It was crazy how much makeup gets on them while wearing them.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click here. They have several lash styles to choose from. The site often runs promotions where you can receive a discount. I uses a 20% off code and at checkout was offered special pricing if purchasing more than one pair. I didn’t use that offer and actually regret it now.

Have you tried them yet?!? I’d love to hear your thoughts/results. I’m officially hooked and can’t wait to order more.

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Spring Style

It FINALLY feels like Spring here in Missouri, can I seriously get an amen?!? I have been waiting weeks to start wearing springtime clothing because it’s one of my favorite seasons. Still cool enough to layer, but brighter colors and lighter fabrics.

I have a slight obsession with Von Maur, mainly because it’s minutes from my house. Another reason being that every time I go there I manage to snag a cute outfit or statement piece. Today is no different, both pieces came from there.

Angies Striped Top

This striped and floral top is from the brand, Angie. It’s a breathable material with a cute wrap style in the front. A small clasp holds the two together in the front to create the deep v. The shirt is flowy and loose with slightly belled sleeves. I’m obsessed with how the floral pattern from the top repeats on the wrists. Such a comfy and cute shirt that can be dressed up with slacks or pieces beautifully with denim for a great daytime or evening look. It’s on sale right now for $23, such a steal. Click here for more details.

Vervet Distressed Denim

Distressed denim is all the rage and I personally love it. This pair of jeans feels like butter on my skin. Stiff jeans are my least favorite thing, and these jeans bend and move with me. They feel so soft and you’re able to move around comfortably. These jeans are under $60, which is a bargain for comfy jeans. Click here for more details.


What spring trends are you obsessing over? Would love to know, drop a comment below.

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Build-A-Bear ((& Bakeshop))

By now you have heard of Build-A-Bear, a company that literally lets you make a bear in store.  What started as making simple bears has evolved into making bears, your favorite cartoon animals and even dressing them up for various occasions.  When you walk into the store you can feel the excitement and it is bound to help you make memories you will never forget. Luckily for us, we live in St. Louis where there is now a Build-A-Bear Bakeshop at West County Shopping Center ((mouth-watering delicious)).

Yesterday, we took my oldest to Build-A-Bear to make a bear for her birthday next week.  Her eyes lit up the second we walked in and she was struggling to make the most difficult decision of her day- which bear. With over 20+ bears to choose from, including her favorite princess of the moment ((Poppy)), we had to help out a little.  So, thinking quickly, we walked her to the wardrobe section and asked her to pick out her favorite outfit. At first she said, Rapunzel, which took us all by surprise because she actually doesn’t love that princess as much as others.  Then, she saw the Elsa/Anna costumes for the bears and the decision was made.  Once she had her bear, she ran over and chose the shimmery Disney Princess Bear ((yay because this is the one I liked best too)).

Once you have chosen your bear, its time to fill it with stuffing.  My daughter absolutely loved standing on the pedal to make the machine swirl, while the helpful employee filled her bear.  Make a wish and kiss a little heart to place inside the bear, then she’s all complete.  They have various sounds you can also place inside, but we chose not to because if slept with the bear she would play with it all night long.  However, the sounds available are absolutely adorable.

Off to the washing and wardrobe station we went.  She brushed that cute little bear and got her all dressed.  There was a line, so we didn’t make a certificate, but you can print one to commemorate the special occasion.


After Build-A-Bear, we walked by about 10 stores to arrive at our next destination: Build-A-Bear Bakeshop.  Everything about this place is absolutely ADORABLE.  From the bright colors to the custom sprinkles on the storefront windows, the shop is designed with perfection in mind.  When you arrive you can choose from a variety of pre-made bakery items OR you can choose to decorate two of your own cupcakes.  The cupcakes are baked at a local bakeshop, Sarah’s Bakery and brought over to the store.  The designs on the remade cupcakes were gorgeous, but I really wanted to make our own. I couldn’t decide so we did both. Ooooops.

For $10 you receive two cupcakes (standard sized), 1 jug of milk, 2 types of frosting (you can pick the colors), and endless sprinkles.  The icing comes in miniature pre-filled piping bags with the right amount for each cupcake. You can customize everything about your creation because you get to choose your flavors, icing colors, sprinkles, and drink choice.  They had the cutest glass jugs of milk from Shatto Milk Company with flavors ranging from strawberry to root beer.

We chose the confetti cupcakes to decorate and delicious strawberry milk.  We were walked over to a table to begin our creations.  The whole family had a blast trying to decorate the cupcakes, my daughter was smiling from ear to ear.  Although, I think her favorite part had to be holding the sprinkles and shaking them all over the place.  Once the cupcakes were decorated, we enjoyed the delicious treat together.

All in all, this was a wonderful morning out with my two little one and my mom.  We had a blast with a hands-on morning full of creativity.  If you are looking for an indoor activity, or just something fun to do with your little ones look no further.  Yes, the cost is more than just purchasing a regular bear and cupcakes BUT the memories you make are irreplaceable.  If you’re in the St. Louis area, take advantage of the bakeshop because we are the only market to currently have one.

Have you been?? What are your thoughts??


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The BEST Foot Peel

Spring is here!! Which also means its time to pack away the boots and bring out the open-toed shoes.  Thats right, it’s time to let those feet be free!!  If you’re anything like me though, your winter time pedicure routine doesn’t happen as often as you’d like.  Knowing my feet will be wrapped up for months, makes me push my toes to the back burner.  So, knowing my feet have been neglected for months I went on a mission to find a product to get my feet feeling silky smooth and ready for sandals asap.

I stumbled across Grace & Stella’s Dr. Pedicure and let me tell you that this product is an absolute game-changer! The box doesn’t lie when it says, “Use this and you’ll be showing off your feet in no time.”

What is it? This is a foot peel that will actually eliminate dead skin from your feet over the course of a few days. The peel comes in a variety of scents, but each one provides the same results.  The foot peel consists of two plastic booties that you will secure on your feet using tape.  Once finished, your skin are silky smooth and ready to hit the beach.  Disclaimer: If pregnant or nursing they suggest not using this product without consulting your doctor first.

How it works? Now, this part seemed a little strange but I went with it.  You will want to soak your feet for about 10 minutes (or take a really long shower) so your feet are soft.  Dry your feet.  Then, you will open up the package placing one bootie on each foot.  Once the booties are on, secure them with the tape provided in the package.  They also suggest placing socks over the booties to help secure them in place (I followed this recommendation and recommend you do too).  Now, you just sit back and relax for an hour while the peel works its magic. After an hour, remove the booties and throw them away.  Finally, wash your feet again with soap and water.  Thats it!

Peeling: After a few days, some say as early as 3 but mine didn’t start until day 5, your feet will literally start to peel.  I mean like snake shedding new skin type peeling.  Don’t be alarmed, that just means the product worked!  Over the next several days your feet will continue to shed all the dead skin.  It actually grossed me out a tad, so I was sure to wear socks so I didn’t have flaky skin falling everywhere. It is super important you do not pick at the skin, but naturally let it fall off.  After about 7-10 days your feet will finish peeling.

Results: My skin has NEVER felt this smooth.  Thanks to this peel my feet are silky and ready for manicured toes and barefoot days. I am so thankful I tried this peel and will keep one handy for the future.  Such an awesome product that required little work for fresh feet.

If you are interested in trying this foot peel out for yourself click here.  (Also available on Amazon). Its probably the best $12.95 you will spend this spring.  If you try it, don’t be grossed out.  This literally is like an at-home spa day without that massive spa bill.  If you’ve tried it or end up trying it, let me know what you think!!!




As a teacher I think it’s in my blood to LOVE planners. Literally, I cannot get enough and I’m obsessed with the different patterns/styles available. Major problem with this addiction is it can become quite costly. A decent planner these days can be at least $25 and the customized ones I love so much are typically $60+. (Let’s be fair though, the customized version I typically purchase as my lesson plan planner).

This weekend I stumbled across a link for the cutest free daily planners. I featured it on my blog today because I love it. The florals are beautiful and perfect for springtime. You will also find various templates that are also available for purchase on the site as well. Click here for the free planner shown above.

Hope you enjoy this stellar find! Happy Monday all!

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Kombucha Krazed

Kombucha, have you heard of it? If not, thats okay but you may want to take serious notes because this drink is packed with some serious healthy punch for your body.  Today I am talking about everything you need to know about this popular drink that is hitting shelves everywhere at stores near you.

Kombucha is actually tea, typically black but occasionally green or other varieties, that has been mixed with a type of sugar that has gone through an intense fermentation process. After going through the fermentation process komucha becomes carbonated and takes on added health benefits.  Kombucha becomes infused with what is known as “SCOBY” aka some probiotics.  SCOBY stands for Symbotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast.

With me so far? Good! So a few things you need to know before you crack open a bottle.  This drink has a VERY vinegary smell.  When I first too a whiff, I wasn’t sure I could actually drink the beverage.  If you can get past the smell, there is the another obstacle to overcome: the SCOBY actually appears as little particles floating around in your drink.  Although not overly large or textured, you still have something floating in it.  I kind of compare it to apple cider vinegar with the bragg.  It’s tough, but once you overcome these two obstacles you really will fall enjoy it.

Komucha is available from many brands currently in supermarkets around the country.  I personally have been fond of the brand, Synergy.  It has a variety of flavors available and I have fallen in love with Gingerberry and Trilogy. No, it wasn’t love at first taste BUT after my second bottle I was actually craving this drink first thing in the morning.  Some may consider it an acquired taste, but with time I think it could grow on you.

Why Drink Kombucha?

At this point, I haven’t described the most pleasant experience to make you want to go buy a bottle but keep reading you will see why.

As I mentioned before, kombucha provides probiotics for your body which assists with overall gut health.  Studies and research show that good bacteria is essential for your gut, which is where most illnesses originate.  This good bacteria supports the immune system by overcoming the bad bacteria found with in the gut.  Since the bacteria found in kombucha is loaded with antioxidants, it can assist with a variety of illnesses by reducing inflammation found within the body.  Additionally, studies are linking kombucha to aiding with cardiovascular health and management of diabetes.

I personally started drinking this after my GI suggested I incorporate more probiotics into my diet.  To be honest, I am AWFUL at remembering to take pills and I wanted something that could be found naturally within foods or drinks.  After research I landed on Kombucha.  I have been drinking this first thing in the morning, for no particular reason did I choose first thing, for the past month.  Overall, I have been pleased with the results and have seen improvements with my issues.

Where can I find it?

Komboucha is hitting shelves everywhere from the local grocery stores to Target.  Prices vary depending on brand and bottle size.  An average 16 oz bottle will cost between $3-$5.  However, Fresh Thyme often offers them for a buy one get one free sale and Target offers one massive bottle for $7.  Not bad considering you only need to drink 8oz per day.

If you’re looking to up your gut health and fuel your body with good bacteria, give this trendy drink a whirl.  It costs the same as your favorite drink at the local coffee shop, but provides actual health benefits instead of just a caffeine rush. Loaded with probiotics and vitamins, its a great supplement to add to your daily routine.

Have you tried it already?? What are your thoughts???