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Makeup Dreams Come True: Sephora Giveaway

Sephora, a woman’s candy store. If you’ve been there more than once, you know what I’m talking about. Sephora is another store where I walk in for one thing and leave 30 minutes later with a bag full of items.

This week on Instagram, I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers for a $500 Sephora gift card (or PayPal cash option). Yes, $500 just in time for your summer makeup must haves. Head on over to my Instagram page by clicking here.

Good Luck to all! ūüíĄ

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Magnetic Eyelashes

Lashes are everything in my world. Like I’ve told you before, I will not leave the house without mascara and carry a tube with me always. So, by now I’m sure you’ve heard of magnetic lashes and if you haven’t, stick with me a little longer.

Magnetic lashes are false eyelashes that use the smallest magnets instead of eyelash glue. Since they use magnets you’re able to reuse them over time if taken care of properly. I’ve been reading on these beauties for quite a while and finally clicked purchase because I just had to know if they were with it.

One Two Cosmetics

I purchased my lashes from One Two Cosmetics. After winning the Allure’s Innovative Product in 2016 and being featured in several magazines and websites I decided to purchase them. This brand uses synthetics locally manufactured in California and the lashes underwent testing from Princeton’s Consumer Research to ensure safety of use.


I ordered the full coverage original lash. It’s described as elegant and understated on the website, to give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. The packaging itself is gorgeous.

Once I opened the box, I was mot disappointed. They look beautiful and I couldn’t wait to put them on. They were so long and had a full look (kind of like my lashes after I put on 162 layers of mascara).


Maybe it was he excitement, but it did take me a few attempts to correctly apply these beauties. The directions were simple and easy to follow for both methods of application. (You can choose: apply them by hand or use the applicator tool).

When applying by hand, I just had to figure out my hand placement to ensure the lashes were in the correct place. Once I figured out where/how to focus on the outer corner things were SO easy. After a few practices, I can now apply them in seconds.

I personally didn’t enjoy using the applicator. You magnetize the lashes onto the applicator then place them on your eyes. It reminded me of using a lash curler in a sense. I just had better luck by hand.

Wearing My Lashes

After the first 5 minutes, I forgot I even had them on. They felt so light on your lashes. This is a huge perk because I find most fake lashes annoying and the glue bothers my skin.

The length was out of this world. If you love longer lashes, you will not be disappointed.


Seriously, the easiest thing you’ll ever do. You simply pinch the outer corner with your thumb and index finger, give it a sliding motion (almost like you’re going to snap) and off they come. THATS IT. The site recommends cleaning with their product and storing away safely before the next use.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’m hooked. These lashes are so easy, reusable, and won’t cause damage to your natural lashes or skin. The actual lashes I purchased are great for an everyday look, but if going to a special event I would purchased the bolder lashes so they stand out more. (Which I plan on doing). I would also recommend purchasing the cleaner. I initially didn’t (because I’m stubborn) but I’m now waiting on delivery because I want to take care of these the best way possible. It was crazy how much makeup gets on them while wearing them.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click here. They have several lash styles to choose from. The site often runs promotions where you can receive a discount. I uses a 20% off code and at checkout was offered special pricing if purchasing more than one pair. I didn’t use that offer and actually regret it now.

Have you tried them yet?!? I’d love to hear your thoughts/results. I’m officially hooked and can’t wait to order more.


‚ÄúMask‚ÄĚ Me About Masks…

Facial masks are everywhere these days and rightfully so. At home facial masks can be used for a variety of reasons including: removing impurities from the skin, hydration, and help with the overall appearance of your skin. However, not all masks are created equal. Today I am talking about a new find of mine and why I fell in love with this facial mask. My new love is: Dermacare Facial 5 Amazonian Clay & Charcoal Mask.

What is it? This is clay and charcoal mask that is made free of harsh chemicals and parabens. The line of products is also cruelty free and vegan, so far it’s earning an A rating in my book. Bonus: it’s made right here in the USA.

Why charcoal? Let’s be clear, this is different than the charcoal you’re using to bbq your dinner. Activated charcoal has been heated and broken down into a fine, black powder. This powder works to trap and pull toxins away. Activated charcoal is able to hold up to 200 times it’s weight, meaning it can pull some serious dirt from those pores. your face is exposed to millions. You may not realize it, but your face is exposed to millions of toxins daily. So, this mask is a great way to get those pores feeling and looking clean.

Mask: This mask initially feels like a thick gel. You apply a thin layer on your face (avoiding eyebrows, eyes, and hairline). Then, the magic happens. You allow the mask to dry for 10-15 minutes. During this time you can feel it start to tighten/harden. After the mask has dried, slowly start to peel the mask off. Initially I thought it was going to be a nightmare to pull it off. However, I was pleasantly surprised because the mask literally came off in large sections. Somehow this crazy gel hardened and turned into a tissue paper thin mask that I was peeling away.

Results: As I was peeling the mask off I could actually see the dirt sticking to areas of the mask. My skin felt refreshed and extremely clean. After a single use, I was hooked. A

I firmly recommend this product from this up and coming brand. It’s a reasonable price-point and does its job, very well. During my first use, I targeted my entire face. For my second application I applied it strictly to problem areas. Each time I had phenomenal results and my skin looked visibly brighter.

To check out this amazing brand, click here.


Everybody get your roll on…..

Your facial roll on that is.

Jade, Rose Quartz, Microneedling (Dermaroller)…..¬†Following me so far? If not, it’s okay just sit tight for a minute.

Facial rollers have been all the craze for a while now. ¬†Facial rollers are believed to increase circulation which allows skincare products to absorb deeper in the skin. Currently there are many types of at-home rollers on the shelves that are said to rejuvenate the skin’s surface and enhance product absorption. ¬†Do they really though? ¬†I put these beauty items to the test and here is what I have learned.

Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are made from, you guessed it, jade. ¬†Most rollers offer one or two jade stones on the device. ¬†Typically a larger end and a smaller piece for tight spaces such as around the eyes. ¬†According to Chinese Medicine, Jade is known to enhance the Qi. Qi is the body’s natural and vital energy. Jade is a stone that is believed to provide healing and balance when used. ¬†Translation- jade is believed to pull negative properties out of the body. Now, you may not believe in Chinese medicine and that’s okay. ¬†Jade alone is a stone that is naturally cold to the touch, which is why when it is used on your face you can see benefits.

Jade rollers can decrease puffiness on the face. Additionally, they are believed to increase circulation which opens up your skin so facial products can be absorbed deeper in the epidermis. These rollers are readily available in many price points from $10-$50. Here is one available from Amazon.

Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose Quartz rollers are similar to jade, but they’re made from rose quartz. Rose is known as an “emotional healer”. It’s believed that if you use a rose quartz aids in stimulating the heart, because it is known as a love stone. When used, it is reportedly known to reduce stress. Additionally, true rose quartz can be used to reduce signs of scarring.

Similar to jade rollers, the quartz roller aids in product absorption. Additionally, it awakens the skin and provides healing powers for areas targeted with the crystals beliefs. Quartz rollers can be a little more expensive than jade rollers ranging from $15, $30, all the way to $50. I did find from reviews that you get what you pay for and the more expensive rollers may be worth the investment. Here is one I liked online.

Derma Roller

This roller is a little different than the other two because it contains tiny NEEDLES that you roll across your face. At-home needles range from .25mm to 1.5m. You gently roll this roller and all it’s prickliness across your face. In doing this, you are opening up your skin. Derma rollers also open up the skins s surface which allows for better product absorption. It is reported that it can increase product absorption by 200-500%, depending on the needle sized selected. Additionally, it assists with boosting collagen production.

Each needle size selected is geared to aid your face in a different way. For example, smaller needle sizes are geared for production penetration. Larger needles, may make your skin slightly bleed, but are great for wrinkles and collagen production. Depending on the needle-size selected, your recovery time between usage will vary. Smaller needles may be okay to used every other day or even daily (depending how tough you are). Larger rollers may need longer rest days between, 4+ days in some cases. Pay close attention to the directions you receive with the roller you purchase, it will be very detailed in how often it may be used. This is the first one I purchased.


I personally own a jade and derma roller. I’ve used them each for a few months now and here’s what I’ve found.

Jade Roller:

  • Feels amazing first thing in the morning.
  • Naturally cold on skin
  • Used every morning
  • Helps with eye puffiness, but a spoon in the fridge works just as well.
  • The rolling is smoothing and therapeutic.
  • Skin turns a little pink when I use it, I have sensitive skin though.

Derma Roller

  • Prickly feeling across my face.
  • Used every other night.
  • Must use a serum or lotion within a minute of using it.
  • My skin turns red, so I only use this at night.
  • Must clean with alcohol after every use to keep it clean.

I personally love the derma roller. Perhaps it’s the prickly feeling and how red my skin turns, but I am convinces it’s making a difference. While I like the jade roller and use it daily, for me it is more of a wake-up tool than a deep skincare enhancer. However, like I stated it could be because I like actually feeling the needles. After using the jade roller, I decided not to keep the rose quartz roller. I found that it was going to be similar to the jade roller, which is available at a much lower price point. You may prefer the rose quartz, but for me the jade roller worked just fine. I didn’t find it necessary to own both.

I absolutely love both rollers and use them differently. I use the jade roller every morning, followed by my daily skincare and makeup routines. At night, I use the derma roller. If you’re on the fence, you can find both under $15 on Amazon. Then, if you want to invest more in another roller after using it for a while you can. I for one can’t wait to receive my derma roller with larger needles. As they say, beauty is pain.


Glowing Skin

The past four years have been crazy for my skin; pregnant, nursing, normal, pregnant then back to nursing. All of the hormonal changes were wreaking havoc on my skin, until I fell in love with…

Kate. Kate Somerville. If you’re anything like me, you have/had no idea who or what this name means. Well, let me tell you that it is the best skincare line I have ever used.

When I wandered into Sephora I bumped into the manager and told her all my skin woes. It was important to me that I found products that were safe for my skin while pregnant and nursing, but also reliable enough to actually make a difference. Bonus points if the item was organic or incorporated natural ingredients.

Her eyes lit up and she introduced me to the Kate Somerville line. While I stared blankly at her, she started raving about the products and literally washing my skin while I was standing there. The cleanser smelt amazing and wasn’t harsh on my skin. She followed up with the moisturizer and my skin instantly had a fresh glow to it. My mom and I were shocked at how rejuvenated my skin looked after a half-wash in the store. So, I purchased the products and brought them home. I was warmed about the cult-like following people have with her products. Truthfully, I thought the lady was joking but she’s very serious. Since my first purchase, I have slowly switched ALL of my facial products over to her line.

Now, the price tag can be a bit overwhelming BUT totally worth it. When using her products you literally only need a pea-sized amount; a little product goes a long way. Although a bit pricey, it lasts a long time. For my facial cleanser I’ve had the same bottle for roughly six months and am getting ready to replace it. Just wash your face twice a day and apply moisturizer afterwards like you normally would. My skin has a natural glow to it and for an everyday look I use a tinted moisturizer and save a full coverage look for special events only.

If you haven’t yet, go check out these products. They’re absolutely amazing. Her products also come in a sensitive skin option too, the Gentle Daily Face-wash and Lotion. Quality ingredients like pumpkin, papaya and AHA are infused in the cleansers and moisturizer. Her combination of natural ingredients with AHA’s give your skin a healthy glow and a light citrusy smelling scent. You can purchase them at Sephora and Nordstrom, but I prefer using her site directly. often has promotions running so you get better deals and free products when purchasing directly from her. If you’re interested in both products, I recommend purchasing the All Glow, No Glitter Kit. ¬†It comes with the cleanser, lotion, AND her ExfoliKate exfoliator which is my ABSOLUTE favorite product. ¬†If you subscribe to her site, you can save 15% off your purchase as well!

ExfoliKate Cleanser


ExfoliKate Moistruizer  



All Glow, No Glitter Kit

all glow