Sunday Success

Sunday’s used to be for relaxing and lounging, now it’s meal prep day. Although I despise meal prepping while I’m actually doing it, it really pays off during the busy work week. When I actually prep, I save an hour each night. The weeks I don’t, I’m running around like a mad woman at night trying to squeeze it all in typically yelling because I feel rushed. Those are the worst nights because I put the kiddos down at reflect on how I was yelling about things that were actually MY fault.

So, this week I am determined to get back on track. I’ve chopped, cooked, and prepped as much as possible today while the kids were napping/playing together.

Thanks to all the hard work my refrigerator currently looks like this:

There is no better feeling than seeing those containers in the refrigerator. To pack our lunches we literally each grab one and go. So yes, taking my time on a Sunday is more than worth it when it sets me up for a better morning and evening routine during the week. The best part is, I can spend time actually enjoying my family after a crazy work week. There’s nothing better than that. 💗

What do you do to prepare for the week? Any successful tips?