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Makeup Dreams Come True: Sephora Giveaway

Sephora, a woman’s candy store. If you’ve been there more than once, you know what I’m talking about. Sephora is another store where I walk in for one thing and leave 30 minutes later with a bag full of items.

This week on Instagram, I’ve teamed up with some awesome bloggers for a $500 Sephora gift card (or PayPal cash option). Yes, $500 just in time for your summer makeup must haves. Head on over to my Instagram page by clicking here.

Good Luck to all! ūüíĄ

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Enter to Win: Target Giveaway

Three giveaways in one week?!? That’s right, I’m ready to spoil some mamas for Mother’s Day. However, you don’t have to be a mama to win.

If you head over to my Instagram account: @mrs.sarah.hines you will find this weeks giveaways. One lucky winner could win $300 to Target ((or PayPal cash option)). Then another lucky winner could take home a Target, Starbucks, and Sephora gift card. Pretty awesome, if I say so myself. Plus, there’s still time to enter the JORD watches giveaway too.

Click here to enter JORD watches giveaway.

Click here for Ashley Jayne Giveaway.

Click here for the Target Giveaway.

Don’t miss out! Good luck to everyone!

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Mother‚Äôs Day Giveaway: Enter to Win

So excited to have teamed up with Ashley Jayne Boutique and local influencer, Christine to bring you another giveaway. To enter, check it my instagram or click here.

In this giveaway you can win some mama essentials: Target, Starbucks, and Sephora gift cards as well as some awesome skincare items. The giveaway will run until Sunday evening. Don’t miss out!


Shine Bright, Highlight!

Ever wonder how/why your favorite celebrity has the BEST glow? One word my friends: highlighter.  Highlighting your skin is a way to reflect light off your face and give you that healthy looking glow.  Highlighters come in so many types that it can be overwhelming though.  Below you will find a breakdown on how to incorporate highlighting into your daily routine and the various products available.

How to use:  Highlighters help reflect light, which essentially draws attention away from any imperfections you have.  Additionally, it brings a brightness to your face that makes it shimmer and shine both in person and in pictures. Think about highlighter as a way to add that glorious summer shimmer we all love during the warmer months. However, it should NOT be used all over your face because no one needs to look like a disco ball.  Too much of a good thing, can actually be a bad thing.  So the key places to use highlighter are places where your skin naturally reflects light when outside.  Placing highlighter under your brow bone, inner corner of your eyes (tear duct area), down the center of your nose, and on your cheek bones are the perfect places to add highlighter.  Choose one or choose them all to create desired shine. I recommend using a brush for the powders and a brush or beauty blender with the liquids as well. Play around with it, take selfies, go outside and see what works for YOU.

Types of highlighters: ¬†For starters, highlighters come in three main forms: powder, stick, and liquid. ¬†Essentially each one does the same thing, so your personal preference is key in choosing what highlighter works best for you. ¬†For example, I personally prefer the powder ¬†and stick form because I feel like it is the easiest to start small and build up as needed especially for a daytime look. ¬†However, if I want a more dramatic full-face look I turn to my liquid highlighter. ¬†In my personal opinion, stick highlighters work well around the eyes and eyebrows. So in the end, I own them all (don’t judge me because you probably will too, lol).

Choosing the best highlighter: Not only do highlighters come in different types, but they also come in different colors.  Highlighters come in a shimmery pink/pearly shade or copper/bronze.  Warmer skin tones may prefer the bronze shades and lighter skin tones will gravitate towards the pinks.  Personally LOVE the warmer pinks and irridescent shades that are available and I think they can look great on any skin tone.

Okay, now what?: Now that you have an idea on what they are, it is time to try it out! ¬†If you are unsure on where to start, I highly recommend this product from Sephora! ¬†I received this for Christmas and it has been aaaammmmaaaazzzzziiing. ¬†Not only do you get so many to try out, but the price is wonderful for how many products you are actually receiving. Additionally, it includes all three types of highlighter which allows you to play around and figure out which one (or two) you prefer the best. ¬†If you don’t want all that product because you are unsure, go to your closest beauty store and test them out. ¬†The ladies at Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom are so helpful and can answer any of your questions when you’re there.

Sephora’s Beauty Glow Kit $40 (a steal in my opinion)- I opened up the package so you can actually see what you are getting in the box *brushes are not included*. ¬†I think this is a great variety for a bargain price. An individual highlighter price can range anywhere from $12 to well over $40. ¬†In this box you are receiving 7, and one is actually full-size.


Below, I placed all the highlighters on my hand/arm so you could see what they look like on. The powders are on my hand, and essentially look the same in the picture.  However, in person the Tarte has more of a golden hue, Becca has a peachy-golden hue, and the Bobbi Brown you can customize depending on where you stroke the brush.  I am obsessing over the Nudestix stick because it is perfect for tear ducts and below the eyebrow arch.  The Milk stick is a bit thicker, but works phenomenally on the cheeks and if you use a smaller brush it works well around the eyes too.  I typically gravitate towards the pink shades myself, but I am obsessing over the Color FX drops, it has hints of bronze and copper but looks beautiful on the skin. The High Beam has the pink hue that I am used to and has a brush similar to nail polish built-in.  It blends well and provides a dewy highlighter look and feel.


Get your glow on and shine bright this winter! 

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WEEKLY Giveaway Time!! (Congrats Amanda K)). Next giveaway will be announced Saturday Morning!


***Previous post update: Congrats to Amanda K who won the contest, thanks for following and sharing on Facebook.  All 60 names were entered into a random name generator and she was the lucky winner.  

Check back Saturday morning for the next Giveaway Announcement!*****

Who doesn’t love a chance to win some FREE items?!?! ¬†Crazy question, right? ¬†Well, in order to get this off on the right foot I am giving away a few of my favorites this week. ¬†During the next week, simply subscribe to the blog and share my page on one of your social media platforms. ¬†When finished, you will be entered into a random drawing where ONE person will be chosen to win the goods. ¬†Check back because there will be WEEKLY giveaways. ¬†Now lets get into whats inside this grab bag…

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†So, I went red today. Like literally went red, because at Sephora I reached Rouge Status. ¬†I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or mortified that I actually spent THAT much on products last year. ¬†In my defense, I was pregnant and nursing the entire year which caused my skin to go bonkers, but still thats an insane amount of money. ¬†Since I already reached the red and black card status I thought, why not pile it on and grab a few things to giveaway. ¬†They had an amazing sale where some of their holiday sets were marked down PLUS an additional 25% off with my VIB/Rouge Status. ¬†If you haven’t had a chance, check out their website too because they are taking an additional 25% of sale items if you are a beauty VIB Insider.


         I am mildly obsessed with mascara, I think I have tried nearly every single brand out there.  Mascara is the one item I will not leave the house without and I typically have at least one or tubes in my purse, car, diaper bag, etc.  Pretty sure that adorable two-
year old of mine can spot a tube of mascara from a mile away. ¬†So when I saw this Lancome set today, I snatched it up. ¬†Lancome has an AMAZING primer for your lashes and the mascaras simply rock. ¬†I love the smaller tubes because they’re easier to hold and navigate so you can really get close. ¬†So in this kit you actually get makeup remover, primer, and THREE Lancome mascaras. ¬†I also love that there are three in the package because it goes a long way when making your natural lashes look longer and fuller. ¬†I follow this process. ¬†1. Apply primer. 2. Apply one type of mascara. ¬†3. ¬†Apply another type of mascara over lashes. ¬†Then out the door I go.¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Along with these dramatic mascaras I am also giving away a Disney x Kiehl’s product gift set. ¬†This company is one I gravitate towards when picking out products because they pride themselves in picking out natural ingredients. The kit includes facial cleanser, hand salve, lip balm, facial cream, and creme de corps hand/body cream. ¬†The hand salve is my personal favorite. ¬†My knuckles and hands crack/bleed nearly all winter long and this stuff is a life saver.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Now, don’t forget to enter the contest by subscribing to the blog and sharing the blog on a ¬†social media platform. ¬†A winner will be announced on January 3, 2018 at 8pm CST. ¬†Thanks for the entries and good luck!


Crazy Hair…..Don’t Care!

My whole life I have had the craziest curly hair you could ever imagine. ¬†Like seriously when people ask me what it looks like I say, “Diana Ross, afro status.”. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves that look from time to time, but for day to day life it is a bit much. Over the years I have tried SO many products to help tame my mane. ¬†Anti-frizz this or instantly straight that, and let’s be honest NONE of them worked.

After years of playing around I have FINALLY found a simple routine that works, keeps my hair healthy, and maintains the shine. ¬†Now, I will not lie, most days I’m a messy bun or braid kinda gal so I don’t overdo it every single day. ¬†However, when I actually do my hair these are my go to products. ¬† Each one helps get the desired look.

For starters, I invested in an amazing blow-dryer.  I always thought it was insane to spend a lot of money on something like this.  Typically I used a target $30 one and called it good.  Then, maternity leave mixed with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happened this past summer and my life has never been the same.  I took the plunge and purchased the T3 blow dryer that my favorite blogger, Emily Gemma, recommended.  The price tag was a bit overwhelming, but I went for it.  Let me tell you that I literally cut my dry time in half which in turn cut the amount of time I spent straightening my hair.  The difference has been phenomenal.  I spend a total of 14 minutes now blow drying and straightening COMBINED.   If you have long or thick hair you know thats crazy impressive.

I simply wash my hair, towel dry for a quick second, add my favorite products, then start blow drying this crazy hair of mine. ¬†Good products are an essential piece to this process. ¬†After I towel-dry my hair I have my go to favorites that I use. ¬†Crack Hair Fix Styling cream is an non-negotiable. ¬†I use a dime-sized amount and run it through my hair, focusing on the ends especially. ¬†Next, I use Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. ¬†Again add a dime-sized amount and run it through your hair. ¬†I have extremely dry/coarse hair, so this helps keep the shine. ¬†If you have normal textured hair, you may not need this product. ¬†Now its onto the drying process….

First, I dry my hair to about 80% dry then I focus on the straightening. To assist in the process I use a large roller brush that my stylist recommended. ¬†I LOVE the 450 technique round brush. Going section by section I am able to accomplish a nearly perfectly straight haired look. ¬†Spritz a little heat protectant on, run a straightener once through, and I am ready to go. ¬†My absolute favorite heat protectant is from Big Sexy Hair, it’s called 450 Blowout. They recently changed it a little and it is now, Hot Sexy Hair Protect Me. ¬†This adds a little extra shine to my hair, which I love. ¬†It smells amazing so thats a plus too. ¬†However, I also love Caviar RepairX Multivitamin Heat Protectant. ¬†This product protects from heat and adds vitamins to aid in your hairs overall health. ¬†Both work amazingly well and leave my hair feeling smooth and shiny.

hair essentials

  1. T3 Blow Dryer
  2. 450 Technique Round Brush
  3. Big Sexy Hair 450 Blowout
  4. Alterna Caviar Multi-Vitamin Heat Protectant
  5. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum 
  6. Crack Hair Fix